A Fresh 48 Session is a special session that takes place within the first 48 of giving birth. They take place at the hospital or other birthing center. The entire family - mom, dad, and siblings take part in this session.

During the first few hours and days your baby will be changing so much. It’s important to capture those first few precious hours so you can remember them forever.

You will want to remember all the tiny details - from their tiny fingers and toes, to the way their tiny mouth opens into a yawn, the wrinkles, the flaky skin, the tiny hat, all of it. I will also capture the sweet, quiet moments with you and your new baby, dad and baby, siblings meeting their new brother or sister, and the whole family together.

When you schedule your Fresh 48 session we will put your due date on the calendar as a tentative date. We all know that babies rarely ever come on time though. Some are early and some are late. You will just need to contact me when you go into labor and shortly after birth so we can schedule a time for your session.

Sound intriguing? Contact me to schedule your Fresh 48 Session.