Create cherished memories with a lifestyle newborn photo session! Capture your bundle of joy in the comfort of your own home and treasure these special moments forever. Learn why booking a lifestyle newborn photo session is the perfect way to remember this precious time in your life.

Baby girl in white gown and pink bow lies in crib in Noblesville nursery during lifestyle newborn photo session.

Capture Special Memories

A newborn photoshoot is a chance to capture the fleeting moments of your baby's first few weeks of life. These photos will be a treasured reminder of this special time for years to come.

Celebrate Your Family

A newborn photoshoot is also a chance to celebrate your family and the love you have for each other. These photos can be used to create beautiful wall art or photo albums that you can look back on and cherish for years to come.

Newborn girl in white gown and pink bow yarns while being held in father's arms in her Noblesville, Indiana home.

Capture Candid, Natural Moments

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots are designed to capture candid, natural moments in a more relaxed and informal setting. This can help to create a more authentic and genuine feel to the photos.

Have Photos That Reflect Your Family's Personality

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots can be tailored to reflect your family's personality and style. This can help to create photos that feel more personal and meaningful to you.

Create a Keepsake for Your Baby

A newborn photoshoot is a great way to create a special keepsake for your baby to look back on when they are older. These photos will be a tangible reminder of their childhood and the love and care that went into raising them.

Mom and dad snuggle and smile at baby girl in Noblesville home during newborn photoshoot with Sara House Photography.
Newborn girl's tiny feet and toes in Noblesville home during lifestyle newborn photoshoot with Sara House Photography.

Document the Early Bond Between Parent and Child

Newborn photoshoots are a great opportunity to capture the early bond between a parent and their child. These photos can be a reminder of the love and connection that exists between you and your baby.

Create Beautiful Art for Your Home

Lifestyle newborn photoshoots can result in beautiful, artistic photos that can be used to decorate your home. These photos can be a source of joy and inspiration every time you look at them.

Baby girl sleeps in between mom and dad during lifestyle newborn photo session in Noblesville, Indiana.

Are you welcoming a new addition to your family? Why not preserve the memory with a newborn photo session? These lifestyle sessions in your home are designed to capture all those special moments of being parents to a new baby - from tiny toes and cuddly snuggles to all the other precious moments. You can relax knowing that we’ll get beautiful, natural shots of you and your little one that will be cherished for years to come.