Since lifestyle newborn photography takes place in the comfort of your own home, you’re probably wondering the best way to prepare your home and family for your upcoming session.

Prepare Your Home

While the photo session is taking place in your home, we will not be photographing in every single room. Typically photos are taken in the nursery, master bedroom, and/or living room. This is dependent on where the best natural light is in your home.

When it comes to great photos, less is more. Declutter the spaces where we’ll be photographing. You can throw some stuff into a closet, a hallway, or another room until after the session. Don’t stress about cleaning! If you are unable to do this or if we decide to photograph in a different room, I will happily help you move stuff. We’re in this together-I want you to have great photos of your loved ones!

There are only two other things you need to do to prepare your home. First, open the curtains and pull up the blinds to allow as much natural light in as possible. Finally, turn off all overhead lights and lamps. That’s it! Again, please don’t stress over any of this. If you need my help, I am more than happy to help you with these things when I arrive at your home.

Mom and dad smiling at newborn girl in nursery in Greencastle Indiana

Prepare Family

Let’s be honest. Having photos taken isn’t something that’s usually at the top of a guy’s priority list. There’s probably a million things he’d rather be doing. I get it. Assure him he’s not going to have to be in front of the camera the entire time. While I’m getting photos of the baby or mom and baby, dad’s can help keep the other kids occupied. If he has something else he needs to be working on, he’s more than welcome to step out of the room and we can let him know when he’s needed for photos. Make sure to let him know how grateful you are that he’s willing to do this for his family, even if it’s not his favorite thing to do.

If there are other siblings in the family, tell them that someone is coming over to take their picture and it’s going to be a lot of fun! Make it sound really fun and exciting. Younger siblings tend to lose interest and may want to take a break to play or read a book, that’s ok! They always find their way back into the photos!

Black and white portrait of father kissing baby girl

Prepare Mom

Mom, you are so important to the photo session. It’s usually you, the mom, scheduling the session and trying to get everyone ready. You desire to have these sweet moments with your family captured so you can cherish them forever. The best thing a you can do to prepare for the photo session is to relax and pamper yourself a little bit. During the session I just want you to relax, cuddle, and enjoy your family and sweet new addition.

Black and white portrait of mother kissing baby girl

Prepare Baby

Preparing the baby is quite simple. Make sure they are fed and have on a clean white diaper and a white onesie. I also ask that you have some receiving blankets on hand to swaddle the baby. Other items to have available include any special outfits, hair bows, etc. I don’t typically use props in photos, but if you have something special that you would like incorporated in some pictures, let me know. That’s it! If the baby needs fed or changed anytime during the session, we will stop and allow you to take care of your little one. We will always follow the baby’s lead during a newborn session.

Baby girl in a pink blanket looking out the rails of crib in nursery in Greencastle Indiana

By following these few simple tips, you are sure to have a great newborn session!