You’re probably wondering if it’s even necessary to print your photos when they’re all stored so nicely on your computer. Why bother? If you want to look at them, all you have to do is open them up on your computer, tablet, or phone. While that is true and it certainly has its benefits, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should also print them (at least some of them).

(1) Computers and phones aren’t meant to last forever.

Hard drives fail. Phones fail. Flash drives fail. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. All of your memories-the birth of your baby, your baby’s first steps, birthdays, graduations, weddings, vacations…gone. Don’t trust electronics and technology to hold all of your precious memories.

(2) Prints are tangible.

Being able to touch and feel prints emotionally connects you to that image. Walking past them in your home brings on feelings of happiness as you recall those special moments with your family and friends.

(3) Something to pass down to the next generation.

How sad would it be if all we passed on to the next generation was a box of hard drives! More than likely they would just sit there in the box collecting dust. Tangible photos are classic and timeless and will last from generation to generation.

(4) You’re more likely to look at them.

Because we live in the digital age it is easy to take lots and lots of photos. But how often do we actually look at all of those thousands of photos? By printing some of our favorites that tell a story we are more likely to enjoy them more often.

(5) Looking at photos is fun!

It is fun to sit down with family and friends flipping through old photo albums or sorting through photos. It’s a great time of bonding as you recall past events or take time to remember those beloved family and friends who have passed on before us.

Digital photos are great for sharing on social media or sending to a friend. I’m very thankful for digital photos. They allow us to share our experiences instantly with those around us.

If we want to preserve our memories for future generations we must have them in printed form. May we never forget the importance and power of a printed photo. It’s an investment worth making.