Embrace the beauty of a snowy winter wonderland with these five tips for how to get beautiful family photos taken in the snow. From selecting wardrobe and poses to location scouting, these tips will ensure your family photo session captures the best moments for years to come.

Family of 3 walk through snow in Brownsburg, Indiana, during family photoshoot with Sara House Photography.

Dress for the Weather

Before you head out for the family photoshoot, be sure everyone is dressed warmly. Opt for heavier materials like wool sweaters and snow pants, or layer on the thermals under jeans or a dress. Also, if it’s particularly cold, don’t forget to bring along blankets and hats to keep faces warm!

Choose Fun Accessories

Accessories can take a simple winter photo and transform it into something unique and memorable. Choose accessories to highlight the individual personalities of each member in your family. Think things like hats, scarfs and gloves that add some color and detail to the overall look.

Mom and dad kiss little girl wrapped in blanket during family photoshoot in the snow in Brownsburg, Indiana.
Little girl walks through snow in boots during family photo session in Brownsburg with Sara House Photography.

Take Breaks When Needed - Stay Warm & Cozy During the Shoot

Even when it’s cold, having everyone running around in the snow for hours at a time isn’t necessary (or enjoyable). Make sure to take short breaks throughout the photoshoot to warm up and keep spirits high. If you have thermoses on hand, prepare hot cocoa or tea ahead of time and make sure everyone is properly bundled in blankets and coats.

Make Sure Everyone is Cozy and Ready to Smile

Before your family photo session, make sure each of your loved ones is bundled up properly. Choose hats and coats in complementary colors that match with the rest of the outfit for a polished look for the portrait. You can also make sure that everyone has something to keep them entertained during breaks. Coloring books or board games can be perfect additions to a family snow day while they wait to jump back into their spot in front of the lens!

Determine the Best Time and Place for Your Shoot

To get the perfect family portrait, it’s important to determine the best time and place for your photo session. If possible, aim to plan the shoot when the natural light is at its most optimal level. Make sure you are shooting in a location that will provide an interesting backdrop without overwhelming or distracting your portrait. Think about textures, shapes, and sizes of trees, plants, and other elements in the frame to make your photoshoot really stand out!

Little girl laughs while standing in snow holding dad's hands during lifestyle family photos in Brownsburg, Indiana.
Golden retriever dog looks at little girl in the snow during lifestyle family photo session in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Nothing quite compares to the heart-warming feeling of cuddling up with your loved ones in a beautiful snowy landscape, making an ordinary moment truly extraordinary. If you’re looking for enduring memories and incredible photos that won’t fade with time, make sure to capture those marvelous winter season shots during your family photoshoot in the snow!