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Newborn Prep Guide

Your Session is booked...Let's start planning

I know you are busy so I like to keep the planning simple. This guide will walk you through what you can expect and give my best tips for preparing for a great photo session.

1. Styling Your Session

2. Prepping Your Home

3. Tips for Success

4. What’s Next

Styling Your Session

What should we wear?

This is usually the first question that comes up after booking a session. Picking your family’s wardrobe can be stressful and it’s no wonder! Photos are an investment that will likely adorn the walls of your home and be passed down for generations. You want them to be perfect! Here is my step-by-step guide for coordinating the perfect outfits.

Choosing the Right Outfits

Step 1

Decide on the look you want.

Keep it simple.

Whites, neutrals, earth tones, and soft, muted colors are great. Steer clear of logos and writing on clothing. Keep clothes loose and non constricting. I want you to be comfortable when sitting and laying on the bed.

Step 2

Pick an inspiration outfit.

Start with an old or new favorite piece or outfit.

Pick one outfit that will serve as the inspiration for your photos. Most of the time, I encourage mom to pick her outfit first. Sometimes, however, it's easier to pick the babies outfit first and coordinate with that. The MOST important thing to keep in mind when choosing outfits is choosing something that you love and feel beautiful in. If you feel good, it will translate to your photos and set the tone for the whole session.

Step 3

Coordinate colors, don't match.

Limit patterns but keep things interesting.

Matching is outdated. Coordinating is far better! Start with your inspiration outfit or pattern. Determine what accent colors work best with it to formulate your family’s color palette. The palette will then guide everyone else’s outfits.

Step 4

Use my styling service.

Make it easier on yourself.

Make it easier on yourself. In your prep guide email, you received a login for your complimentary styling service. Use this to build, coordinate,

and personalize the perfect outfits for your family with these tips in mind. When finished, you will have access to the links to purchase the clothing or just use it as inspiration as you shop your favorite store or even your own closet.

If you decide to go shopping, here are a few great options.

Where to Shop

• Target
• Old Navy
• H&M
• Amazon
• Lou Lou and Company
• Caden Lane

Prep your home

Great sessions begin with great preparation.

Your home doesn't have to be perfect. Prepare your home for your session by simply removing items not necessary for your photos. This includes things such as phone chargers, tissue boxes, and laundry hampers. I can also help move things when I arrive.

Turn off all lamps and overhead lights and open up the blinds to let the natural light in! This will help me assess which rooms we'll be shooting in when I arrive.

Have whatever you hope to include in the session laid out (an outfit change, onesie, blankets, swaddles, memorabilia).

Plain white diapers work best so patterns don't show through.

Tips for success

Best Tips For Parents

For many, the stress of newborn pictures comes from a combination of high expectations, anticipation of being center stage, and concern that the kids or baby won’t cooperate, or even that the adults won’t do it “right.” The best thing parents can do is simply enjoy this dedicated family time.

Relax and let me do the work!

No matter what comes up, give yourselves grace and flexibility. A relaxed parent can help set the tone for a great session. Even when days don’t go as planned, I am likely capturing glances and smiles you aren’t even seeing.

Review my portfolio together.

Get an idea of what to expect and notice many of my photos are candid. You do not always need to look at the camera. In fact, most of the time I prefer you not to! I will let you know when we are ready for a “smiling at the camera” shot!

Before Your Session

Let’s make your photo session fun and easy.

Prior to your session, check off these steps to set yourself up for success.

1. Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire sent in the previous email. This tells me a little more about what you want from the session and helps me plan for anything special in advance.

2. Coordinate Your Outfits

Using the advice in this guide, begin coordinating your outfits in advance. I am always available to help with any advice needed!

3. Begin Thinking About Prints, Albums and More

Get the most out of your investment. Plan how to use your photos. Complementary reveal and ordering sessions available upon request to help with choosing how to print your photos.

4. Final Checklist and Invoice

One week prior to your session, I will confirm the session date and time. You will also get a reminder about a final invoice for the balance due.

If you have any questions leading up to your session, feel free to reach out!

session day

Let's create some memories.


I'll arrive to your home about 5-10 minutes early. You can give me a tour of your home and I'll look for the rooms with the best light. If the light is good, the nursery and master bedroom are great rooms to photograph in.


During our time together, I will pose you and tell your what to do, so you won't have to worry about any of that. You may be nervous, but you really don't have to be-I'm very easy to get along with and will make you feel comfortable soon enough. Most importantly...relax and enjoy the experience!

Stay Flexible

The baby is in charge of the session. We'll take as many breaks as needed for feeding and diaper changes.

What's Next...After Your Session

Phew! You did it!

Your family can celebrate a mini victory after your session is done. But there is more fun still to come – seeing your photos for the first time and finding ways to continue enjoying them. Here’s what to expect.

1-2 Days After Session

Sneak peek is posted. Share with friends and family.

3 Weeks After Session

Link to a custom slideshow of your images set to music is sent to you. Gather the whole family together and enjoy this memorable experience of seeing your photos for the first time.

2 Days after Slideshow

Full gallery is delivered. You'll be able to choose and download your high-resolution images that are included with your purchased collection directly from your gallery. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase additional images, prints, wall art, and albums at this time.

Your gallery will be active for one week. Please ensure you download your images and order all wall art, albums, and prints by the expiration date or there will be a $25 reactivation fee.

Complimentary reveal/ordering sessions are available upon request. Many clients prefer to have someone walk them through the process of choosing and ordering images and products. Let me know if you are interested in this service.

2 Weeks After Ordering

The beautiful photos you purchased arrive at your home ready for you to enjoy!

After Receiving Prints and Products

Check In and request for a review on Google and Facebook. As a small business owner, these are appreciated so much!

Important Reminders

Share Your Images

Share your beautiful images with friends and family!

Download and Backup the Images

I recommend saving your images in at least two separate locations. This could include your computer's hard drive, an external hard drive, a flash drive, or a cloud based service.

That's a wrap

Thank You!!!

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with your family!

If there is anything I can do for you along the way, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to serve you the best that I can.

I’m so excited to work with you and can’t wait to see what we create together! These will be memories that you'll treasure forever.


Phone number: 317-434-4855