Hello 2021! 

It's a new year, therefore it's time for a new planner!

I love to plan and be organized. My planner is my brain. Everything goes in there. I was loving the planner I was using the past few years, but unfortunately they changed it and it just no longer works for me.

I had to embark on a journey to find a new planner. Anyone who is an avid planner knows how frustrating that can be. It is no easy task finding that *perfect* planner.

But after a lot of searching I finally stumbled upon this AMAZING planner. I almost thought it was too good to be true. You see, I am not only a business owner, but I am also a stay at home wife and homeschooling mom. With this planner I can organize both my home and business to do lists.

Live Rich Planner to help the photographer, small business owner, wife, and mother stay organized

What the Live Rich Planner has to offer:

  • Monthly inspirational quotes
  • Monthly view - goals, people to see, monthly wins, personal focus, work focus, monthly projects
  • Personal finance - goals, challenges, monthly income, monthly expenses, daily spending, debt progress, savings goals
  • Personal planning - meal prep, shopping list, reminders, habit and goal tracker, weekly goal, weekly focus, weekly wins, housework, work to-do list, personal to-do list
  • Weekly view - workouts, notes, daily columns
Live Rich Planner to organize month, weeks, and days; budget money, schedule household chores for business owners, moms

Want to have an organized year?

Whether you're a fellow photographer or a wife and mother, this is definitely a planner you need to try!