Displaying newborn photos is important because they capture the fleeting time when your baby is tiny and new, and it's a beautiful way to have them remembered. It can also evoke a lot of emotions when looking back on these photos, be it nostalgia or joy. These photos serve as tangible reminders that will last for years. Here are five creative ways to show off your newborn pictures and make them a lasting part of your family's memories.


An album makes a great keepsake you can proudly display in your home. Albums can be displayed on the coffee table, wall shelves, or table tops. It's an ideal way to make sure that everyone in the family gets to cherish these special memories, as well as create a visually pleasing reminder of your baby’s beginnings that can last for years.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas wraps are a great way to display your most treasured newborn photos. The canvas material is designed to last for generations and will add vivid color and texture to your chosen picture. The image can be wrapped around the edges of the canvas and can be hung without the need for glass, making it a great choice for displaying photos.

Acrylic Blocks

The addition of an acrylic block will make your photos look even more beautiful. Printed on a glossy acrylic, the photos are sure to stand out and draw attention in any room. The sleek design will add a modern twist to any décor. This is also a great way to show off newborn photos without having to take up wall space. Acrylic blocks can easily be displayed on bookshelves, making them the perfect piece to admire your newborn photos in any part of your home.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are a great way to display your newborn photos. They offer stunning image clarity, vibrant colors, and durability that stands the test of time. Plus, their polished look makes it perfect for any home decor style. Metal prints are also scratch-resistant and waterproof — so you can cherish your special photos for years to come.

Framed Photos

Frame your baby photos to hang on the wall. Choose frames that will blend in with your existing home décor, or pick an eclectic mix of frames that make a statement. Play with scale and size to create a unique display - mix large frames with smaller ones, or choose one big frame that showcases your favorite photograph of your little one!

Displaying newborn photos in your home is a beautiful way to cherish the memories of your little one's arrival into the world. Whether you choose to display them in frames, on canvases, or in photo albums, the important thing is that they bring joy to your family and serve as a reminder of the love and excitement that surrounded your newborn's arrival. With so many options available, you are sure to find a display method that perfectly suits your style and preferences. Don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with it! Remember, these photos are not only for you but for generations to come.